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Hungarian worst fans from Szeged to Eger to Budafok

One might think that there is nothing worse for the fanbase when a team has waited many years or decades back out to reach the top spot after a year of success. However, there is an even more terrifying scenario where drunks may not really be able to see their favorites in their own court during the long-awaited Evolving Season. In the past 20 years, Budafok has been the third club to bid farewell to NB I right after the promotion so that their fans can’t even see their favorites live in ten domestic matches …

Budafok fans weren’t so lucky, they only got to see their team in NB I in five domestic matches (Photo: Budafoki MTE)


He’s not saying goodbye to NB I at the end of the 2020-2021 season as an Army Driver Budafuki MTE She was the only one in previous Hungarian football history of more than two decades, who changed her transfer ticket to the front in such a way that her fans couldn’t even see their favorite team live, except for some matches on their home turf. In the 1999-2000 season, A. Szeged with LC, In a 2012-2013 call With Iger It happened for similar, correct, and different reasons.

In the recently ended season, Budafok is back on top after 74 years, but has had to play most of his home matches behind closed gates due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Their opening match against Kisvárda and their second home match against Mol Fehérvár took place in front of the house, by about two thousand spectators, on the 22nd. Neighborhood residents. Although the first most attractive game on their home turf against Ferencváros was to be played in the fifth round, at the end of September, according to the draw, the match was postponed to January at the request of the Greens interested in the Champions League qualifiers. It could no longer be accepted. Onvid was supposed to be first received in early November (then the spectators could have entered), but the showdown was postponed to December 23 at Kispest’s request due to a coronavirus infection diagnosed in the visiting team.

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Thus, Budavok residents were only able to play five out of 17 matches on their soil in front of their fans. Their average crowd was 1690. They had long hoped to stay in the league, and decided in Round 31 to bid farewell to NB I. The Budafok drukker still had the slightest sense of success, as their team beat Kisvárda (2-1) and Diósgyőr (2-1) at home. on them In matches with spectators. From Fehérvár (1-4), Paks (2–3) and Honvéd (0-1) were kidnapped in front of their fans.

Iger fans did worse than that, After Egri FC won the Eastern Group NB II before Szolnok in the spring of 2012 and became the city’s leading team again 26 years later (Then the Eger SE was included in NB I – ed.). The Hungarian Football Association had not granted permission to host local matches in Eger due to a lack of electrical lighting, so Eiger was not permitted to enter his home at any time during the tournament. He greeted his current opponents first at Vasas Stadium in Budapest, then at Debrecen, Miskolc, and later in Vác. Most of them – according to reporters’ estimates – 1500, in 2000 – were interested in the match against Ferencvaros at Loki Oláh Gábor Street, the passive record of 56 meeting crowds against Pope Lombard, the average was 392.

Under these circumstances, it is no wonder Egers finished last with only three wins and six draws, They were led by three coaches – Simon Antal in the autumn season, then Ferenc Meszaros, then Chapa Wojtkowski in the last two matches. Heves County didn’t get an NB II license again, so they only started the next season in NB III, which they were disqualified from after the fall season.

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In the 1998-1999 competition, Szeged LC took third place in the second category, then was called NB I, so he was on top, To the National Professional Championship (PNB) – After the 1990-1991 season, the city team on the banks of the Tisza River was in the lead again. In Szeged, there has been a lot of demand at the highest level of football in the fall of 1999, since then According to reports at the time, 13,000 people visited Upper Tisza Side Stadium in the first meeting against ETO, Then he watched 12,000 matches against Vasas. With results yet to come, Laszlo Strouse replaced Kalman Nagelaki as head coach after four matches, then Joseph Lenka after three more meetings. At the same time, the fan interest also decreased In the fall, the average number of spectators reached 5,722 in nine matches.

Szeged LC finished their fall championship season as an army driver with three wins, five draws, and nine defeats – including 0-9 against Dunaferr – then ran out of money, after which the team was unable to stand up for the fourth match in a row in the spring, and MLSZ was disqualified. From the league.

Since then neither Egger nor Zeged have been able to make it to the front again, how long should the Drakes in Budavok wait until they can support their team at Budavok again in an NB I match?