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Hygiene is half healthy: from the sink to the washing machine

The washing effort is also on display in the Szepetnek exhibit titled Purity Half Health. The local municipal treasury committee unveils slides of the past in the local coastal area integrated management hall, grouped around a topic.

The exhibition materials have been carefully labeled by the organizers. Enthusiastic local patriot of Ipulia Marvi Sistine created the current exhibition based on her own memories, for which she made rich material in the collection.

A wash basin and even homemade contemporary soap can be seen in the gallery. Each piece and accessory recalls the period that Attila Joseph also put on paper in his poem Mama.

– The woman’s hand on his wrists and fingers showed that washing is a work that requires a lot of effort. It was difficult, so aid was used. Well, those things are no longer known in the world today, so the washer was replaced with what’s called wash wood instead of friction pressure, or weight wood, which also had a more ornate version. But the point is, they’ve always found a way to make that hard physical labor a little easier, says Ibolia Marvi Sostini, professional director of Zypnik’s Local History Treasures Collection.


(Cover Image: Kanizsa TV)

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