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I couldn’t handle a situation like this for two years

Lando Norris In addition to his physical condition, he pays close attention to his mental health. The Briton previously spoke candidly about his mental difficulties in 2019, his first year in F1. Norris thinks he can better deal with the disappointment at the Russian Grand Prix thanks to the progress he’s had in his head.

“It’s hard to say that myself two years ago I could have struggled with what happened, but I feel like I’ve made a lot of mental progress now. We still have a long way to go, but it’s not so,” Norris said at a press conference on Thursday before the Turkish Grand Prix. “.

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“McLaren & Mind (a mental health organization that also works with the Woking team) helped me a lot. They stood behind me from day one, like family. Fortunately, I joined them at the best age so they could help them become better people.”

“Thanks to them, I connected with the right people. Without Mind’s help today, I wouldn’t have been on the pitch as I am today. When you’re surrounded by the right people at critical times, the answer is sometimes simpler than you might think.”

“Surrounding yourself with those you grew up with and getting rid of those you don’t enjoy their company can make a huge difference in life. Perhaps the most important realization was to surround myself with those I can always count on, not with people who want to drag me down.”

“I’m feeling a lot better now, I’m confident and looking forward to the weekend,” said fourth place at the World Championships table.

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