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I don’t even consider myself a musician

Ákos Kovács has produced a large number of short stories. MTI reports that This Can’t Get Away contains seventeen books from the past two decades.

“I am more interested in literature than music. The form of the song has always occupied me, it has always brought me catharsis to the word described or spoken in the theatre. Ákos Kovács, 53, said at the book presentation in Budapest on Wednesday, “I don’t consider myself a musician, it’s true, I I work with musicians all the time.”

Literary writer Anna Johas (who was also the host of Anna Paul for many years), who praised the volume, noted that “Ákos turns to the elements, sky, water, love passionately.”

Writing is such a tormenting passion that as new fires break out, one gets new directions

Happy Shakos.

We will soon be criticizing the elements of scale, love, and flag fire.

You can read about Ákos’ thoughts about the Orwellian world and what he went through with being infected with the Coronavirus.

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