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I don’t want to float yet, I still have work to do – Áron Szilágyi

At the moment, Oron Szilagyi will not allow himself to indulge in success, as on Wednesday an important task awaits him: he will aim to win the (gold) medal in Tokyo with Team Sword.

Áron Szilágyi becomes Olympic champion for the third time (Photo: Magyar Nemzet/István Mirkó)

“With his three Olympic titles, he has reached a level that we ordinary people don’t see. How is there?
He replied, “My days since have been trying to stay grounded, trying to focus on the team competition on Wednesday.” Aron Szilágyi, who made history on Saturday by being the first fencer to win his third individual Olympic gold. “I don’t want to float yet, I still have work to do in Tokyo, but the wave of love pouring into me is amazing.”

Didn’t you read the messages and lines of congratulations on your phone?
“I’ve done myself a little good because I’m also a human, I looked at the phone, but I really don’t want to indulge in success just yet.”

“Do you think you are a three-time Olympic champion, especially in the art of fencing?”
– I do not know. I have no strategy on what to do with this situation. One can be taught to fight, one can even be taught to compete, but one cannot prepare a competitor to become an Olympic champion – not at all that it is a triple …

“Do you remember the moment you found out you had the third gold ever?”
– Yes it is. I live in the moments after butt, which I experienced with my trainer, Andras Desi. I am so glad my masseuse, Josef Bodnar, got involved in it a few seconds later, predicting that I would be a three-time Olympic champion at the 2013 World Cup in Madrid.

– Are you serious?
– Yes. There, Josie said, in Madrid, let’s not just think of Rio, let’s go to him in Tokyo too! In Józsi’s house, on one wall, there is a picture we stand on with London gold, and another, which captures the moment of Rio, there is also an empty picture frame on the wall…

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– who will get the picture soon.
– I’m very happy. I leave space for this feeling.

Since the victory, her days have been spent by Orun Tsilaghi trying to stay grounded and focus on the team fight
(Photo: Hungarian Nation/Istvan Mirko)

– When we spoke after his victory, I made a mistake, because when he argued that there is no paper form in the Olympics, I did not press his sentence, so I make up for it because it is there and it is called: Áron Szilágyi. He’s already overwritten all the laws in Rio, here in Tokyo, and finally.
– But I don’t do anything special, I can focus well, I can only focus on racing. The fact that the Olympics are different from other competitions, I felt so far, I knew I didn’t have to just fight here. I don’t think I can fight better than part of the field, because we know what South Korean O Sang Uk, German Max Hartung or András Szatmári can do, and I can even list the names, but I need something else here. This race can be won by heart.

– A week and a half before the opening in Tokyo, there was a premiere of a documentary about the past five years. I guess if you think this is part of his mental preparation?
– Yes. We had already talked about this during filming, and when we were discussing with director Andras Mohi whether or not it should be a presentation, I decided I wanted it because I knew it would give me tremendous power if I had feelings for it. There, my fan base lets me go

– He said several times that Victoria Faludi helps her prepare. Do you reveal what the sports psychologist invented for Tokyo?
“At the last stage of preparation, we wrote a motivational phrase for each of the five donkeys, which I had to echo in front of the cranes. Thus, these terms were surprisingly appropriate for later.

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– What were the words? What are we thinking? Momentum or confidence?
– This is good! He also hit the first donkey mark, it was the momentum.

– Will you tell me the rest?
The five terms are: momentum, confidence, patience, liberation, and dominance.

– Unbelievable… I mean how purposefully.
– I’m not perfect either.

2012, 2016 and 2021 – National sports welcomed the titles of the Olympic Championships to Harun Zeligi on its cover

After his victory, one commentator wrote that he was a true model, but that he had one major flaw.
– What is it? I feel curious about it.

– The fact that Bayern is a fan of Munich.
I say no one can be perfect.

– Why Bayern?
– I mainly cheer for the Hungarians, but when it comes to football, almost everyone chooses a team, and in 1999 I noticed the Bavarian national team. Something clicked at the age of nine, and I’ve stood by them ever since.

“Speaking of perfection, you say, are you accustomed to disgust?” Are you angry, can you hurt someone, or is it really poetic in every picture?
– why? Idyll? Anyway, I also feel for a while that an image of me is starting to take shape and portray me as unreasonably perfect, but also someone who makes mistakes sometimes, who is very happy, is that unhappy, who has friends, but also angry.

– It has three Olympic gold medals. How would you describe your three victories in one short sentence?
“London is the momentum of youth, Rio is the incredible consciousness, and Tokyo can be nothing more than a dream come true.

– And it’s not over yet… Isn’t it over yet?
– Why would it be? On the one hand, we still have the team competition, in which we have big dreams with the players as they were before the solo fight, and on the other hand, I find new goals for myself. I come home, hug my wife, relax, and then put my third Olympic gold on the table and find out which one.

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Photo: Hédi Tumbász
On Wednesday, the champion will step down again – now with his teammates
On Wednesday, you can give support again: Áron Szilágyi (right), Tamás Decsi, Csanád Gémesi, who will certainly also be a priest, and András Szatmári.
For the Al-Saif team, which returned home with medals from all world competitions four years ago, but only once with gold, specifically from the European Championship Novi Sad 2018.
These stats will be improved by the men, who have every chance, but to do this, the South Koreans, who have been dominating for years, must be “kicked out” from the throne, but why don’t they succeed?
“I am very confident that Aaron’s third Olympic gold, to write the history of the sport in Tokyo, will make him even stronger. – The coach of the men’s team Al Saif and also Mr. Szilágyi said, Andras Desi. “I am also confident that the success of others will be enhanced by their belief that we have great opportunities to compete with teams.” The Hungarian Sword Team will kick off against the US team in Tokyo at 4.25 a.m. on Wednesday, and since only eight teams can qualify for the Olympics (plus the host country), the stakes are in the top four in the first round.

National Sports reports on the venue: Erica Smith, Stephen Mirko, Nedilikov, Tamas Andras Socks, Heidi Tombach