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I don’t want to go around people, I’m looking for excuses

The singer has received the two vaccinations and is doing more work, but is still afraid to leave her home.

“I admit that I missed my old life, my profession, my audience, and the theater a little bit. At the same time, it’s sad to get together and stand up, because now I feel like key words not” do not come to my mind. I’m more tired, and my circadian rhythm is completely different. I try to have confidence in myself and will be able to return to society physically, mentally and spiritually, “he wrote on his blog.

Source: Facebook, Gabi Tóth

“It’s hard to admit, but I write that I trust it, not because I’m sure, because right now, it’s hard for me to force myself to go shopping. I was locked out of my will for so long that it was still difficult for me to get out. I don’t want to go among the people, I am looking for excuses to venture out of my safe house into the big world. But I know I’ll get over that too, because I live with an increased awareness day in and day out, and it’s largely up to you. To write comments from you and keep receiving them so that I know that I am not alone with my fears, feelings, and desires. ”- Post Books Articlesat.

“After my post about panic disorder, for example, I got a lot of messages and it was very good. A lot of encouragement came now, because imagine the way the Easter bunny got the first vaccination, I got my second vaccination on the mother today. How was I afraid ?! “I got any symptoms in the next few days? Wow! I’m not a hundred yet, but what I learned recently is that you have to choose a person (max. 2) We trust unconditionally and take that person’s advice.”

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