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I first participated in El, and now I scored the winning goal, no better

The Hungarian U-21 football team defeated Latvia’s age group 1-0 in Felixo with a shot from Felenket in Felixit. After the meeting, in addition to the author of the winning song, the staff of NSO Tv spoke to debutant Sándész Dominik and Fed coach Zoltán Gera.


Federal coach Zoltan told us in front of the camera: There was tension in him.

“Because we definitely wanted to win today’s game. We didn’t find much catch in the first half because the opponent defended so well. We were a little impatient, which made us miss some silly balls. The last passes were missing and the better decisions. In the second part of the game we changed our playing style. The attacking little, the substitutions also worked very well, who took part in our game and added to our game. In general, we deservedly won over an organized opponent.”

In our video, he tells how he felt in the 89th minute, when Krisztián Hegyi had to show a huge feat, and how excited his players were to have Tamás Kiss and Balondh Botond join Marco Rossi (we didn’t even know San Marino was making his debut at the time). ). in the World Cup qualifiers).

This was Dominik Soltész’s first match in the U21 national team.

“It was good, a pleasure to be able to make his debut, in addition to winning. The whole team is happy, but we are already preparing for the next match. We are going to Israel, it will not be easy either.”

Our video also shows that he was not excited, as he said that he has not participated in any of the matches since he was 4 years old.

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Szőthó Regő scored the goal of the match.

“It was a very difficult match, we had a hard time breaking up the opponent. Although they were not as good in quality as we were, but as a team they worked together and defended well, they even put pressure on us in the end. We got to the goal several times and luckily we scored a goal as well” .

In a video from NSO Tv, he tells how he experienced the winning goal in the Europa League and then the European Championship qualifiers in Ferencvaros within 8 days.

European Under-21 Championship Qualifier
Group B, Round 5
Hungary – Latvia 1
–0 (0–0)
hard Pancho Arena, 200 view. led: Potros (Hommelgaard, Bramsen) – dánok
Hegyi – Varju, Mocsi, Csóka, Kerkez (Csontos, 84.) – Major (Bukta, 74.), Szendrei, Baráth P. – Soltész (Szánthó, 55.), Németh A. (Tóth-Gábor, 74.), Scribek. Federal coach: Zoltan Gera
Latvia: Soloha – Weips, Uldrikis, Lotcikov – Tonisev, Ozolins (Samoilov, 81), Korotkov, Birka – Zeng (Dusalijev, 86), Lysin, Zelenkov (Daskevics, 62). Federal coach: Alexander Basov
Gulzerzo: Snow (77)