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I gave myself AstraZeneca in the midst of a side effect scandal

AstraZeneca picked up in the middle of announcing a side effect

On April 14th, at 7:30 pm, the call came for AstraZeneca vaccination. These days, there has been the most publicity about the complications of a blood clot for the vaccine. The vaccination moratorium began with AstraZeneca in succession, and European countries and the European Union announced the same day that they would not renew the vaccine suppliers’ contract with the pharmaceutical company.

This may have resulted in me getting a vaccine sooner than expected as a healthy 29-year-old man. I suspect a lot of people have changed their minds about possible side effects, and my doctor repeatedly confirmed during the call that I would be getting the AstraZeneca vaccine. I had no objections, since my registration in February, I have been waiting patiently for some type of vaccine – of any kind.

Although there was a lot of publicity about the risk of developing a blood clot around the time of the call, it was already known that vaccination caused such complications in about 4 out of every million, this risk factor was so low that it never occurred to me that Blood clots could happen in my case. However, many of my acquaintances who had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca were bedridden with flu-like symptoms 2-3 days after vaccination, so I was prepared for that with Aspirin Protect ingredients and broths.

I reached the scheduled vaccination point by 9 am on Monday. I stood in line with about twenty people who were disciplined and kept a distance between them. The policeman at the door directed the people professionally, the medical staff inside was nice and helpful. The management doctor reported that there may be a stinging sensation and muscle pain after the vaccination, and if I have a fever, I have to take a fever reducer at 38.5 and not exercise until Friday.

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A mandatory personal photo and a certificate after vaccination.

The side effects of AstraZeneca that you experienced after the vaccination

The vaccine was given, I waited 15 minutes in the office to hand over papers, and then went home. After the vaccination, my arms started to get a little numb and I felt slight dizzy. In the evening, I felt a pain in my head, I lay in bed for a few hours for safety. The next night he got another mild headache. It worked for the two days, and there have been no major changes in my life due to the side effects of AstraZeneca vaccine. By the third day, all symptoms had disappeared, I felt a very slight pressure at the injection site.

Fortunately, I have not had any chills, fever, or other flu-like symptoms.

I will get my next vaccine on July 12th. I have heard from several sources that the side effects are more severe after the second dose, but one of my elderly relatives has already received the second round and fortunately had no side effects in either round, so I am optimistic. First round of vaccinations at AstraZeneca effectiveness Otherwise, studies indicate that the ratio ranges between 59-86%, which is far greater than the effectiveness of vaccination against influenza, for example.

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