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I got a hundred comments about how I got fat again

Again, many people are hurting Vera Tóth for her looks, the comments are so hard to bear.

The singer wrote in her last post that Prof. Shame on the body, shame on the body is one of the most important issues today. “I worked for years, working in healing conditions, or was alone, immersed in myself, so as not to harm myself because of my body, to be nice to myself and let go of many false feelings, compulsions. It was tougher than I thought because I had no injuries when the scales showed 50 pounds more, but since I’ve gotten so much less. The mummy of some people whose eyes, since they lost weight, have become the object of self-ideology and self-reassurance. Since yesterday, I’ve had hundreds of comments about how I got fat again, and where do I lose weight? Even if I lost weight, I would still be proud of myself for the results I achieved, but I am not lying, I was touched by hurtful words.

I describe this only because the long journey of self-knowledge, wound healing, in vain, we are sensitive, we have fears, there are many failures we go through with our bodies, and in vain we have lost so much. A comment like this can put you back in a situation we don’t want to get into anymore. It’s very easy to hurt someone, so I say if you don’t think about it please try a little bit because it hurts someone else, but I know it’s not always that. Target. With a little care, we can avoid educating a spiritually paralyzed community with our data. And if that still makes you happy, then I recommend spending some time with yourself, why should this please you? I don’t think I’m the cause of your pain. “

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