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I got it when the charged version of Metro Exodus arrives on my PC, but you’ll need to add an iron

Metro Exodus 2019 was one of the best (action) games that also showed the power of NVIDIA GeoForce RTX cards, if you remember, because 4A Games Post-Apocalypse can be a dropdown menu without ray tracing, so even with the use of rays. Run trace! Earlier this year, we got good news that developers are loading Exodus not only on next generation consoles, but also on PCs. The subtitle PC Enhanced Edition has finally been revealed, along with the first-class PC it requires to be the prettiest in the post-apocalyptic world.

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be released on May 6th. The Developer announcement He says it supports enhanced ray tracing features like advanced ray tracing reflections and DLSS 2.0 on NVIDIA cards, which are responsible for sharpening images and increasing resolution / image refresh. So in EE, all light sources will behave according to real lighting conditions on the topside cards. What does this mean? You can take a look at the video analysis posted by Digital Foundry. What does this mean? No need for a small machine!

The system requirements for PC Enhnaced Edition can be found in the table below (Source: Official Website). Yes, the developers also confirmed in the article announcing the release date, which was already quoted, that the minimum requirement for this version is also an RTX card, GeForce RTX 2060, which is also capable of ray tracing. So the base game’s highest system requirement has become the Minimum Enhanced Edition! If you want a really challenging visual world, you’ll need the RTX 3090 GPU, which is an expensive beast with over 1 million forts. This will of course know 4K @ 60fps with ultra ray tracing and extreme graphics settings (highest). What may not be too high, however, is the space requirements: Along with the accessories, the turbocharged version of the game will take up 80GB of our storage space.

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The GOG, Steam, and Epic Games Store versions of Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will also support moving chapter backups from the base game to EE, as the developers have promised, but not in the Microsoft Store.