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I had to risk a lot to get past Sainz – F1VILÁG.HU

a Red Bull Your opponent has a chance to finish the podium in sprint sprint, However, Carlos Sainz broke the pepper under his nose because he was able to move forward at first.

Moreover, the Spaniards defended themselves brilliantly, and He didn’t leave any chance They rush to overtake.

“It was difficult to overtake Carlos Sainz – I thought I would push him down smoothly, but I couldn’t accelerate well from the last corner and it affected my chances of overtaking,” the Mexican said.

“We expected to be able to keep them behind at first, but it didn’t happen. The main problem was that Sainz was always accelerating well from the last corner while my tires were overheating. And the Ferrari His top speed was also powerful.”

Perez added, Hope to overtake Sainz soon, He will be able to keep up with Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen from the first lap.

“Sunday’s race is really important, we will have a lot of chances and we can risk more than on Saturday. It could have been that situation today, but I had to risk a lot, more than I like.”

“I want to get ahead in Sunday’s race, we will go from the start. A good starting position is important and I hope I can overtake Ferrari quickly and my pace will be good from the first lap. We will learn from what we saw on Saturday and we will be stronger on Sunday.”

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