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I have received more than I expected in recent months – Schäfer –

Andras Schaefer, the Hungarian national footballer in the DFB Berlin, is satisfied with the season he left behind, and in the League of Nations I would like to cover the paper form against strong opponents.

“Integration became easy and fast, even though I had coronavirus” (Image: Getty Images)

Andras Schaeffer He told M4 Sport it had been a good season, both individually and at club level, and the fact that Bayern could play Hertha BSC against Munich, Borussia Dortmund or just seventy thousand spectators exceeded all expectations.

“Although the merge went so easily and quickly, I had coronavirus. My coach trusted me from the start, I have received more from these past four months than I expected” – said the 23-year-old midfielder, who signed a contract from Donzerdahlje to the German capital at the end of January.

Regarding his first goal in the Bundesliga against Freiburg, he said that he was already surprised to be in the travel framework, having coached only two goals with the team before.

“It will be an unforgettable meeting forever, and the shirt will be handed over to the family at last.” Added the midfielder, who said he’s made the biggest progress in winning duels since earning his degree in Germany. “I’m sure I’m going to have to lie in the finals this summer because I’ve faced as many situations in these eight matches as I’ve had in two years before.”

The Hungarian footballer has said 17 times that Al Ittihad ranks among the keepers fighting to avoid relegation before each season, and in light of this it is astonishing that he finished fifth, so he could be on the main table in Europe. League in the fall. He explained that the goal set by the administration was to score 40 points against 57, and they were able to win six of the last seven matches thanks to their ability to play loosely and without pressure.

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Looking ahead to next season, he said six players are sure to leave the squad, and there will be 27 hostage games between August and November, at least as many are expected to arrive. His first goal was to get as many playing minutes as possible and enjoy all the time he spends on the field as best he can.

Regarding the Hungarian national team’s training team, starting next Monday, and the next four tests of the strength of the League of Nations, he confirmed that, like the federal leader Marco Rossi, he wants to be removed from the stadium after meetings, as he was in the European championships last year.

“These are the matches you have to start playing football in,” Schaefer noted that our national team will play the two-time English silver medalist in 11 days, and the European champions will once again face the Italians and Germans.

“I am really looking forward to the matches, but in such a short time, four matches like this will not be easy. It is necessary to move forward with possession of the ball, but no one will need extra motivation. We want to play football in a way that is worth watching every game And we want to play a bolder game than before The midfielder, who is not tired at all, said he is much more sorry that this season is over. We want to cover the newspaper and get the most out of the League of Nations.”

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