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I have the release date of PC Days Gone


Within a month, the so far exclusive PS4 game will be released.

4/15/2021 16:20 | Dino | Category: Game

Sony has recently changed its strategy, and several of its games, originally released exclusively on PlayStation, have announced that they will visit PCs as well. This was the case last year, for example Horizon Zero Dawn, Which has moved to PC after three and a half years of exclusivity, but originally PS exclusive titles, although not developed by Sony’s in-house studio, have been transferred to PC, like Quantic Dream gamesHeavy rainAnd the After that: two souls And the Detroit: Be a human) Or the Death by strand.

And soon there will be another PC port here, released two years ago Days passed You will receive your PC version soon, exactly on May 18th.

The PC version will also support 21: 9 widescreen displays, with a number of display parameters, we can adjust the graphic appearance (vegetation viewing distance and the like) to suit us (and our machine), in addition to the gamepad, you can even control mouse + keyboard. And in Photo mode, you can take high-resolution photos in-game. In addition, additional content added since the original PS4 release will be provided by the PC version.

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Days Gone Test – The Adventures of Saint John the Biker in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
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The PC version of Days Gone will be released on May 18, 2021, and can now be pre-ordered on major digital stores. ■

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