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“I know nothing about the dead, however!” Vera Toth told serious things about the late Kelish Evelyn

Candish Evelyn, from due to a long-term illnesstragically young, He passed away at the age of 37 last October. The singer took fourth place on the first season of Megasztár, winning talent scout Vera Tóth – later called. Why Evelyn did not have a similar successful career, Vera Tooth told Cloradio about the serious reasons for this. behind the words in his programme.

This is a family case. I think it depends on your upbringing and your family situation whether you grew up with a father or a mother. That your father left with a promise and then came back and never came back. There will be a shortage in your life. You will lose your mother soon! Well, not when it was a Megastar, a little later. But the problem is globalsaid the singer.

According to him, this made Evandne Kandech live in a dream world, a little unscrupulous, and speaking a little more than she needed to.

He was looking for a picture of his father. Everyone who met face to face… and I don’t know anything about the dead, but it wasn’t because it was light-blooded. But it was because he had been searching for his father all his life. And they’re always older…or if they aren’t even older, but the boys came and went. After a certain point, he is no longer able to establish a connection. Or after a certain point he disappeared from a relationship. Be it a friend or a relationship. He wasn’t able to maintain an intimate relationship, but he couldn’t, he brought it up from a young age – Tell.

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According to Vera Tóth, Evelyn also gave up the experience of being successful, as she claims she could have been successful, but she didn’t have the same amount of support as her parents.