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I left Dorottya’s fortune in our small village: this autumn’s unforgettable shadow – the Hungarian star

Started on September 4, 2021 Our little village Sixth season. Last weekend, viewers were able to enjoy a special part: the creators of the series collected the best dollars in five years in a package.

Many of these also showed things the audience hadn’t seen yet that the actors also commented on.

Dorottya Bakija courtyard in our small village

According to the creators, Dorottya Udvaros is one in the series that has earned the lowest bucks in the past five years. One of them does such a good job that he eventually stays in the series.

When the retired teacher, Aunt Katie with village vet Dr. He dated Janos Reviczky (Gábor Reviczky), who, according to the scene, sipped a bit of brandy, which he drank while waiting for the late doctor. He was going to stand up to leave when the chair slipped out of the actress’s hand, on which he was leaning, and she landed on the floor.

It was also made clear that it was an unplanned downfall by the fact that Reviczky is “Oh, oops!” Accompanied by him, he jumped to help his colleague, but he actually stood up and continued on to the scene. The professionalism of the actors is evidenced by the fact that they did not get out of their roles.

It’s not known if the language stumble that followed was a buck, but it was also cool: “Do you know what I really mean? Now you’d be very surprised how a teacher could say that! To kill the damn rabbit in his place, because he ruined my dinner and my life!”

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Actresses of our small village in the series and in reality

Enikő Tóth plays an old woman with a hoof like Zömbikné of Pajkaszeg, but in her plays the audience can see a completely different side: in her hot miniskirt, she dances like the singer in her play Menopause. In our comic strip we show how Enikő Tóth paints differently in the series and on stage, you can also see other actresses in our small village playing the look they made and in life.

Cover photo: RTL Hungary