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The Great He: Love is over, two months after David Toth and Laura split up

The 24-year-old says his relationship with the athlete got off to a good start, but as time went on, he increasingly felt something was wrong.

The fourth season of The Great He ended on TV2’s The Great He Friday night, which was re-released after 17 years. This season, kayaker Olympian David Toth was looking for a partner. On the show, David met twenty-three women, and on the last show he had to choose between Laura and Annabella. The Olympian eventually chose 24-year-old Laura.

Right after the show, speculation began about whether Laura and David would still form a party. the He wrote on Sunday that the couple’s relationship was not yet 20, as they separated after two months. However, at the end of guessing, it came to a point on a Monday morning in Mocha where David and Laura cheated on them together: They were together for two months, but then broke up, he said. Hints.

True, the program only briefly talked about the breakup, but Laura previously reported to in detail what happened.

“We were together for two months, and formed a party until the end of August. It started well, it was intense, with tremendous feelings, with constant coexistence. We are different.

If you love a person very much, then everything is fine, mistakes will not appear, but after a while feelings will change and it will appear that you are able to live together despite mistakes.


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He criticized a lot, and there were things on my part that I didn’t like that much anymore. After a while we talked to each other and I realized that I was thinking more and more that something was wrong.”

– said the 24-year-old, who also revealed that she had been spending a few separate days towards the end of August because David went to a training camp and he and his friends traveled to Lake Balaton.

“When we saw each other again, I jumped around his neck, but he looked like he wasn’t the same person anymore. He just stood by me differently, and then I felt something change. We won’t continue.”

Laura said.

“I think I’m a very emotional and good person, I don’t feel bad, but I feel like I’m not ready to agree yet. I told him that too.

I noticed.