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“I owe so much to myself.” “All in 129.

New word spoke to Rego.

Back in the FTC, he had to deal with several legionaries up front.
After being called up, I wanted to play as much as possible. I also had an ankle injury that made me miss a little more, but I didn’t get the required minutes out of play after that. It was so hard to address, we decided another loan could help.

In the case of greens and whites, he also managed to enter the international arena. Are these the best memories?
I owe a lot to Individual, having brought myself to the front there, for example. It was very important that they saw the opportunity for me even in the second grade and confirmed it. I also had the opportunity to play in the group stage of the European League, the play-offs of the English Premier League, which also gave me an extra motivation.

During the winter, his name appeared several times at Dunaszerdahle, and the clubs finally agreed to the loan at the last minute. Why did you find the offer here so good?
Negotiations began earlier, but the clubs did not agree, so it was out of reach, as I confirmed here on the last day. They told me that day that I could go to individual because they were able to agree with the DAC. By that time, everything was running out very quickly. My directors and I have seen the opportunity at Dunaszerdahely as the best decision for my development. I can play in a different league, I am surrounded by a different medium, and I feel I will be able to develop better here.

In Ferencváros and DAC, several nationalities are represented in the locker room. Is there a similarity?
The two teams are really similar in this respect, but DAC is a very young goalkeeper, with Freddy having more older players. Of course, there are already more routine players here, I can even mention Kalmar or Han Gani among the Hungarians. Their role is important in a young team.

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