According to Laszlo Klausz, we deserved to go ahead.

I am very happy with the win, we know the teams that are out of the ETO team to reach the semi-finals so a 100% performance will also be needed. We were well prepared for the match and I watched who were on the pitch. We were relying on the in-depth action game provided by ETO, and we scored important goals. It might have been easy to get to the finals from the outside, it wasn’t even close on the inside. The team had to be prepared properly and good play was needed. In Poland, we already won a cup with my crew, the cup has a special value in every country. I’m really excited to be with our fans in the cup final. It’s going to be the final against the Bucks for a long time and now the derby is only in our view, we need to focus on that. We have to win at home before we get a full house, that’s why we work now, everything else will come after that. Our stadium is the best stadium, where we can play in front of the fans in front of a full house, the fans will definitely reveal themselves, and we have to do the same!

Stanislav Cherchesov

Individually deserved to advance. However, I am upset because all four goals were scored after a single foul. It worked for twenty-five minutes, which we had planned, and then the first error came. We played bravely in the second half as well, scored a lot, and there were a lot of youngsters on the field, so we’re on the right track.

Laszlo Claus