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“I seriously feel like I’m in a fool’s house”

You are going on vacation TinaAnd the Viveki And the Emilio, who, after much deliberation, decided to head again to Turkey. barrier Tina He would be glad to have another destination, Emilio He didn’t want to change. The discussion finally ended between themIt turns out that you can go on a full day bazaar tour in Istanbul from the hotel of your choice.

“Tina is like a pensioner. She likes to vacation so much that there is nothing to do. The sea is at hand, there is food around the clock, and Fifi can find whatever pleases you in the hotel. I prefer champagne, walk the streets, bazaar,” said Emilio Of my dear family, whose wife finally ditched his waist for another outing in Turkey, “No wonder we have to snuggle up when we have to figure out where to go.”

(Source: Dear Family)

“When I heard that you can go on a day trip to Istanbul from the hotel, it was decided. I wanted there for a long time. That’s enough for me, otherwise I want to enjoy the comfort of the hotel during the holiday,” said Tina, who also started preparing for the trip. However, both her daughter and Emilio were unpacked.

Emilio és Tina

(Source: Dear Family)

“I asked Fifi to start packing her clothes, so what did she do for that?! Pack his bag with every game! Once I realized with him things don’t work that way, he can’t throw every game, the next shock came. Emil wanted to bring at least seven suits. why? Where? To the pond?! I seriously feel like I’m in a fool’s house. Finish the mess of packaging with them; I hope to get some rest on vacation because I’m crazy about the preparationsTina admitted.

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