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I started a Windows 10X project with Microsoft

The Redmond Group pushed development into the background for now.

Brad Sams, editor ventilation Information that Microsoft has frozen development of Windows 10X indefinitely. The news was not at all surprising given the fact that the release of the release has been postponed several times in the recent period. Originally, the new, flexible version of Windows 10 – along with Surface Neo – was supposed to launch last fall. However, this didn’t happen and the Surface Neo version was also delayed.

The information was subsequently provided, on the basis of its own resources. Has been confirmed It is also a member of Windows Central. According to the leaked news, Microsoft actually stopped testing Windows 10X completely in February and decided instead to focus on upgrading Windows 10. The goal is a visual and functional renewal of the operating system, which can be accomplished as part of an upgrade called Sun Valley.

Sun Valley is expected to arrive in autumn and will present a uniform and modern look. The update may include many Windows 10X items. Furthermore, Mary Jo Foley is a blogger and journalist who knows Microsoft NoticeThey wanted to use some Sun Valley elements in Windows 10x as well. Company executives definitely thought it would be unnecessary and unreasonable to release a second OS at the same time, preferring to focus all resources on upgrading Windows 10.

Sun Valley will be a modified interface that can be a link between Windows 10 and Windows 10x. This means, among other things, that the traditional Windows 10 will also have a action center and rounded corners like Windows 10x. After all, it is doubtful whether Windows 10x will ever be released, when and in what format, and whether the development will suffer massive damage as a result of this decision.

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