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“I think I did it for my mother,” said the teenage girl facing the bear.

The California teenager, who stood up to a bear in defense of his dogs and showed incredible courage, spoke up. Push the monster off the fence.

He is 17 years old Hailey Morenico He told CNN

I was shivering so much that I didn’t know I had so much inside of me. So far, I can’t believe I paid a bear.

I rooted, and at first noticing the dogs barking, then I noticed that a bear was balancing on the fence with two loaves. Morenico ran and, with a noble simplicity, pushed the attacking animal from there, and then escorted the dogs to a safe place.

I had a few moments to save the dogs and my life. I had two seconds to think. The first thing that came to my mind was that I had to get the bear out of there

He remembers.

Before the girl moved, the bear had injured one of the pups.

This dog, Valentina, was in danger and she is very important to my family. She is my mother’s emotional support and I couldn’t let anything happen to her because it would have caused her mother so much pain. I think I did it for him

He said.

She had twisted one of her fingers and had abrasions on her knees, but only later began to feel the pain from the adrenaline. Fortunately, our protagonist did not have any serious problems.

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