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I vomit from Gabby Toth, a caring invertebrate person

Gabe Toth lied to me, she said earlier that she was involved in politics against her will, but then sang at the end of the Fides campaign – said Zsolt Osváth, the latest YouTuber In his video.

“Gabi Toth has been the person I have defended so many times in the past two years (…), I feel like she has been wronged so many times.”

Youtube started his monologue. Then Zsolt Osváth realized that it was precisely because of them that the singer lied to him.

The precedent of the case was that Gabe Toth denied the opportunity to comment during one of her posts, at which time she described on her part that she should also accept negative criticism. Then Gabe Toth called her and told her that she was the singer with the biggest following base in Hungary and why she didn’t write her opinion in private, since they were in such a relationship. Osváth also deleted her post because she felt she didn’t want to hurt the singer anymore.

According to Zsolt Osváth, he was told earlier by Gabi Tóth that it was no longer good for everyone to associate him with the government. He gave as an example that he was there in the peace process, but according to him, the speech of Viktor Orban is no longer there. Zsolt Osváth lamented his involvement in politics, especially since Gabi Tóth said his press had ruined a lot of things. Then, during election week, he sang at the end of Viktor Urban’s campaign. At the time the YouTuber felt taken advantage of, and replied, “I’m vomiting Gabby Tooth.”

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“Anyone who admits to being Hungarian and Christian, rural, is destroyed, people hate and hate,” said YouTube, which says a lot of people think so lately. But, according to him, the Gaby Tooth is an invertebrate animal, which was harmed not because he belonged to Fides, but because he stands on the side of the government because of money and an uncharacteristic person. When the singer confronted her, she blocked her from everywhere.