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If a slap comes, it can shake the team – Goris

It went well for half the time, but in the third quarter the Italians beat the Hungarian women’s water polo team, There was no going back from hereAnd we lost 10-9. According to Vályi Vályi, they are completely confused about their opponent’s division, and Gréta Gurisatti believes this slap could rock the team to continue.

“We’ve had this before, so we know if a slap comes, it might come at a good time.” – Tell Gurisatti Gréta After the group’s defeat to the Italians, adding that they always go the hard way – Which indicates that they will also have to jump into the water in the eighth final.

Vályi Vályi They said that they were completely confused by the fact that the Italians had switched to zoning, They had to play more aggressively to be able to turn the game around.

Water Polo Championship, Women
Group circle, second round
the group
Italy – Hungary 10-9 (3-4, 2-2, 3-1, 2-2)
Alfred Hagos National Sports Pool, 5500 view. a: Marjeta (Slovenian), Carne (Australia)
Pancelli – Palmieri, Marletta 2, Imolo, Giustini 1, Tapani 1, Picoszi 1. exchange: Viacava 1, AVEGNO 2, Queirolo 1, Bianconi and Galardi 1. Federal Captain: Carlo Celebo
Magyari A. – SZILÁGYI D. 2, Keszthelyi-Nagy 1, Máté Zs., PARKES 3, Garda 1, Vályi V. 1. exchange: Rybanska, Gurisatti 1, Faragó K., Leimeter, Mahieu. Federal Captain: Judge Atilla
Objective – Human Advantage: 14/6, respectively. 11/6
Objective – double advantage: 1/1, respectively. –
Target – from five meters: -, Will. 1/1
Scored: Mahieu (p. 24), Matthew Zs (p. 28), Marlita (p. 30)
master balance sheet
Carlo Celebo
:- After the switch we played without fear and as a real team the players helped their teammates. We became more focused on the third quarter and were able to leave out the audience as well. This win is a great result for us, we beat the Hungarians in an important match, we won first in the group, but we can play better than that.
Attila Peru: “Maybe the Italians had a lower share, and they were more likely to go through critical periods that we didn’t know about.” However, we also knew that in the event of bloodshed, it would be very difficult to beat them, and yet it happened. We got them back into the game with some mistakes, and since then we’ve been depressed and we struggled, we still had the good stuff, but unfortunately there were more bad stuff.

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Group A case.
1. Canada 2 1 1 29-9 +20 3
2. Italy 2 1 1 17-16 +1 3
3. Hungary 2 1 1 14-14 +30 2
4. Colombia 2 2 6-57 – 51