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If the party gives life-saving medicine, it has to stand as an informant

This is where HBO’s new Hungarian series The Informant begins, which has now revealed a number of novelties, including acting.

The golden life Since its completion, the Hungarian audience has been waiting for the new Hungarian series, which has been running since March of this year. detective The eight-part mini-series Jerry is set in 1985 and follows a young boy named Jerry, who comes to Budapest for his university studies and throws himself into the heat of life, joining a group of young democratic opponents who find a true friend, a party, and a flirt. And politicization – but in the meantime, a secret maraudah: Jerry actually means state security, because the party giving medicine to his seriously ill brother expects it from him.

HBO / Strangers Tropical Project Marton Patkus, Giorgi Vardy and Julia Szasz in the Detective

Series Balint Szentgyörgyi writes and directs, but Aron Mátyássy And the Miklawicz Pence Also arranges the parts. As a producer for HBO Závorszky Anna And the Jonathan YoungFrom Proton Cinemas Petrányi Viktoria Present on the project, which has now revealed a few things about the cast. Since the main characters of the story are college students, and college is such an important place in their lives, it is not surprising that a large part of the cast will also be made up of young actors. championship Giorgi Vardy you will see from guerrilla As the protagonist of the 1849 film, Sava is a familiar friend who leads the opposition’s youth, It’s sunshineas seen in Martin Patkus will play. Julia Saxony (Coded, land of the brave) And the Blonde Abigail (who’s leftYou will play a smart young girl, one rebelling against her boyfriend and the other against his father. Benjamin Poland (Space picnic, gentle silence) will play a football player with a broken career, Adam Farga (Master, Underworld, Storm Corner) and it will be important Richard Barber (Age-appropriate love, a sample of parents), Mark Luca (An annual adventure, dear heirs) And the Hermányi Mariann (Toxicity) karaktere is.

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HBO / Strangers Tropical Project The blonde Abigail will play a punk singer
Pal Maksai will also be there as one of his young parents

The representation of the older age group will be a longtime favorite of HBO: the aforementioned holding employee Szabolcs Thuróczy will make up, but Maxail also plays a major role. The Head of Homeland Security recently moved home after an international career Funtek Frigies (The two willow trees in Nagyenyed, Eszmélés, date in Budapest), and president of Dollar Papa Children’s Color Company, tamas erdoğ He will play the role of an ambitious and dangerous state security agent. Outside of them, he will appear in the series Sila Radnay, Simon Szabo, Joseph Giabrunka, Istvan Znamenak And the Szabolx Hajdu he is.