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“If you were in the game, you probably got the invitation!”

Ihor Haratine will miss the European Championship due to his injury, but he is very confident he can prove it again in front of the all-star teams.

According to Ihor Haratine (left), they have also had a tough time in league matches this season (Photo: Karoly Orvay)


– The next day after he claimed the championship gold, he was in his hometown, Munkács: Have you been relaxing there ever since?
– I am now in Kiev Reply Ihor Haratine Since then, the Greek and white Ukrainian midfielder, who arrived at Ferencvaros in December 2018, has become a fixture in Serhi Rebrov. – Until now we were at home with the family, we arrived in Kiev on Wednesday, we will visit some friends, and then we will see how to proceed. We’d probably go to the beach, too.

Ihor Haratin

nationality: Ukrainian
Football: He is 26 years old
Mail:Defensive midfielder
NB I matches, number of goals: 69/7
His matches and goals last season:26/4
Number of selections:4

– There are no specific plans?
– We enjoy freedom. We had passed a long, difficult season, and I couldn’t even relax during breaks because of the national team matches, because Andrei Shevchenko was counting on me in the tire, and it’s good to take a nap now. I can rest for three or four weeks, my wife and I come and go, we are together.

Your teammate, Alexander Zubkov, was invited to the European Championship, but you missed it. Are you frustrated by this?
– She consulted with Federal Captain Andrei Shevchenko, and prepared for his decision. Unfortunately, at the end of the season, I had an injury, and I couldn’t get on the field at Ferencváros, so I got into a difficult situation. If I was in the game, I might have gotten the invitation, but I missed several weeks, so I had to accept his decision. I’m sorry it ended this way, but I can’t change it. I try to look at the good side, I’m glad I’m really healthy.

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– You can’t make mistakes since his arrival in Hungary, he is the champion with Ferencvaros three times out of three! Feel like what?
– not bad. You can get used to this feeling.

Do you have a favorite league title?
Difficult question. Possibly current.

Europe Conference Leader: The Worst Case

As we wrote about it earlierFerencváros can also look forward to the 2021-2022 Champions League first-round draw. The team is scheduled to start training again in early June, when it will have to play early next July, and it is interesting that the first matches of the first round of the qualifiers will be held on the day of the European Summer Championship. Finals, July 6-7. If the Green and White Guards are eliminated in the first round, they can continue in the new series, which are the second European Championship qualifiers. If they advance, then the second round of BL playoffs awaits the team, and this round will take place on July 20-21, while the rematch will take place on July 27-28.

– Why?
– Because it was the hardest. Not because the competitors were going to press us hard, as we were the first to get a large point advantage, but in the fall we were on a forced rally that was very difficult to achieve in this balanced way. At the beginning of the season there were difficult matches, starting with the battle against Sweden’s Djurgarden, followed by the Scottish’s Celtic and Dynamo Zagreb in Croatia, while we also had to take care of the tournament so that we did not lose many points. We managed this mission so well that there were no matches to be won. Therefore, we are past a special season.

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Have you thought about what it would be like to play against Barcelona, ​​Juventus or Dynamo Kiev in front of the crowd in the group stage?
“At first I thought about it a lot, but I realized that we live in times like these, and health is the most important thing.” Let Heaven reach the group circuit once again and let the fans be in the stands, too.

– Do you see a realistic opportunity for that? Or is the UEFA Champions League a different café that you can only enter with good luck?
– Why don’t I see a chance ?! Of course, we all know the Champions League is a different level, and we also tested that on our own skin. We will start preparing in early June to achieve this success again. this is my dream.

Where do you keep your gold medals?
“My father is my biggest fan, he takes care of all my footprints.” I also took him the coin to claim the current championship title. You should see his face, how proud he is when I hand him over …

Does it retain other traces?
I take care of many of my career mementos, and there is a separate room for them. He also has this year’s UEFA Champions League group.

– Did you change the shirt with someone?
– No. Before the group tour, I told myself that I am only willing to exchange shirts with someone we won at the meeting. So I kept my jersey to myself.