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IFFHS: Lewandowski met Messi and Ronaldo

Bayern Munich’s Polish player Robert Lewandowski increased his goals in 2021 to 69 goals after he achieved Friday night, beating Cristiano Ronaldo in the annual performance list, led by Lionel Messi with 91 goals.

Robert Lewandowski has only scored a multi-goal year with Lionel Messi (Picture: AFP)

According to the International Organization for Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), the Bundesliga striker, who scored Wolfsburg’s goal in the last game of the year, finished the year with 43 goals in the Bundesliga and twice in Germany. Cup in the International Cup .. times and succeeded 11 times in the Polish national team.

Lewandowski By the way, the 43 league goals for this year are not the height of the German League, The record to date was held by Gerd Muller, who died this year and reached 42 hits in 1972.

IFFHS statistics, which take all official matches into account, show that Ronaldo, who currently powers Manchester United, was able to produce 69 similar matches at Real Madrid in 2013, and towering captain Messi – who signed from FC Barcelona this summer, Paris Saint-Germain. Jermineb scored 91 goals in 2012.

Lewandowski, 33, who ranks third on the record anyway, is a “cuckoo egg” with two other world stars taking six of the top seven: the 34-year-old Messi has hit twice or Ronaldo, 36, four times in his career. 60 limits to the number of goals scored in a calendar year.

IFFHS absolute list (goals in brackets, cups, international cups and national team in brackets):
1- Lionel Messi (Argentina): 91 goals, 2012 – Barcelona (59, 7, 13, 12).
2- Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese) 69, 2013 – Real Madrid (38, 6, 15, 10) and Robert Lewandowski (Polish) 69, 2021 – Bayern Munich (43, 2, 13, 11)
4- Ronaldo 63, 2012- Real Madrid (40, 5, 13, 5).
5- Ronaldo 61, 2014- Real Madrid (38, 3, 15, 5).
6- Messi 60, 2010 – Barcelona (42, 4, 12, 2) Cristiano Ronaldo 60, 2011 – Real Madrid (43, 5, 5, 7).

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