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Ikea products for retailers: they arm the system for the British

In the UK, Ikea has introduced a long-awaited repurchase system for used furniture with the obvious aim of reducing the amount of items that end up in the bin – Announced And the BBC. The new opportunity will enable the furniture company to operate with a climate-positive balance by 2030. Consumers can get vouchers for used Ikea furniture that have no expiration date and are used to buy other used items or groceries.

The shop chain has previously tried to enjoy the possibilities in the new system through pilot projects. The test repurchase took place in the UK, for example, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, in other parts of the world in Sydney and Lisbon. Although the company management has not yet answered all their questions, they see that they already know enough to start a new organization. Coincidentally, this was planned in November last year, but the epidemic intervened.

The main feature of the rules of the game is that the one who takes more care of IKEA furniture can win more. Vouchers account for 50 percent of the value of non-scratch items, 40 percent for those affected by some scratches and 30 percent for those damaged by multiple scratches. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the opportunity must fill out the “paper” available on Ikea’s UK website. Used goods are sold in separate sections of the store and are available at Cumtre’s online marketplace. What is still unresolved is that the furniture must be returned to the assembled condition, which can be a problem for adults.

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Hungarian Ikea introduced this service at home last year, as previously announced According to On June 15, 2021, the second living service of furniture will be re-launched in Hungary. As part of this, anyone can return used but safe and in good condition furniture to stores.