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Ildiko Pecci and Lachos Szucks kept a love diary

Ildiko Picci died a year ago. Award-winning artist Kossuth and Jászai Mari followed her beloved husband, Olympic champion Lajos Szűcs, half a year later. It was a legendary love for them, which lasted until the grave. One of her documents was recently released.

The couple married on January 4, 1969, but could not even go on a honeymoon. The legendary footballer traveled constantly, often not seeing his wife and son Chappa for weeks or months. Whenever they could, they would text and both wrote diaries to each other. The actress’s writings reveal the temperature at which their love ignited.

Actress Ildiko Pecci and her husband, Lagos Szox, football player Ferencvaros, 1969Source: Fortepan / Zoltan Szalay

Hundreds of letters and numerous pamphlets and complete memoirs remain in the legacy of the Pécs and Lajos Szűcs, which were inherited by the actress’s adopted son, Csaba L. Péterfi.

“There were years when Laius only spent the holidays at home,” he said. HintsTo L. Peterfi. It was agreed to write notes in which all details would be noted. When they met again after a long time, they just exchanged brochures and read what happened to the other. This is how Lewis was able to experience the way the boys stood, began to walk, or spoke, because he could not be present at these important moments. Of course, not only everyday events were reported, but they also confessed their love for each other on these pages. When they saw the beautiful words their partner was writing about their feelings, tears welled up in their eyes. No wonder it was a complicated and long process of calling outside at the time, they could hear each other’s voices for a minute or two max per week. But the described lines made up for everything.

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