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Illaoi will also be a playable champion in the fighting game League of Legends Project L | news block

The popular MOBA, a side-scrolling fighting game that brings together the champions of League of Legends, is a game L . project Giving a nod to life In a recent video, the game’s creator, Riot Games, has sprinkled some information about its upcoming show.

Riot Games recently released a blog post and a developer video on L . projectin which it was confirmed The game will be free to play, and the next fighter has been revealed, the Kraken Priestess Ellawy.which will also be available in the 2D fighting game.

Developers are a In a blog post I’ve gone into more detail about what has happened since the announcement, in the past few months L . project around his house. According to them, they have basically refined the gameplay so far, and now they managed to finalize the mechanics of the game, and most of the team began to switch to the design of different heroes, and also started working on the social systems and the esports part of the game.

Moreover, the new hero design processes have been introduced, and we also got a slight taste of Illaoi’s playing style, in which the claws of the ominous spirit will play an important role. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a release date yet, but the good news is that the game will be free, and probably won’t arrive until next year, in 2023.

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