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I’m one of the best players in NB I in a one-on-one match –

Top scorer on the grounds of DVSC NB I football team Roland Ugrai, who has scored nine goals in 17 league matches, has evaluated the fall season for his club’s website,

Goal nine Ugray feels he is among the top three NB I players against one (Photo: Miklós Szabó, Archive)


“Honestly, I appreciate the time behind me— He said Ogray Rowland, who arrived in Debrecen in the spring and then extended it for an additional two years in the summer. “It started well at first, but the story stopped a bit after that, but I don’t think it went wrong anyway.” Compared to being a non-attacker, nine goals are acceptable. I realize there have been matches where the match didn’t go that way for me either, but there is always room for improvement. I’m happy with the number of hits I took, but I have some sense of a lack of goals. For our team, the middle ground will be available based on the quality of the tire. We played shooting games at first, but then our attacking game stopped a bit. We’ve had meetings that we couldn’t afford, so we need to move forward to be more productive too. However, I think the team is able to progress, and over the past six months we have shown a number of things we can build from.”

O’Gray also spoke about the fact that he would be happy if his nine goals, similar to his previous performance at Deusger, were selected this time as well, and evaluated himself.

“I once had nine goals in the half season at Deusguerre, he was a national team at the time. It would be great to wear the national shirt again, but I realize I am not the right player in the captain’s concept now. Anyway, I see myself realistically. I can see my exact mistakes. Of course, I am also aware of my strengths, in my opinion I am among the top three NB I players in that one-on-one fight. I like to enforce that in matches too, and it’s frustrating when I don’t have a chance to try. When you fail, I often hear that I am selfish and enjoy attacking the team, however, if a defender cuts the ball forward and the attacker cannot carry it, it is the same as selling the ball. Most goals come from shattering the opponent’s defense and having one team member to correct the other’s mistake. These situations can present great opportunities. I often use solo play because I know I can do it.”

Another issue is that InStat Sport’s stats do not support Ugrai’s opinion above, as not every duel won nor the duel won only in attack has a name among the top twenty players. (The first is led by Jevhen Makarenko of Fehérvár with 207 wins, the second by dám Martin with 158; in the Ugrai class with 63 wins, with an efficiency of 19% in the 19th).

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At the end of the interview with, O’Gray also touched on his long-term future.

“If we take it, we’re players in the merchandise. If there’s an offer or opportunity to think, I’ll do it, but it all depends on the club. But for now, I want to calm down a bit and not move around and change teams every year. However, it’s not easy anymore. With my partner and my young son.I feel much calmer and more thoughtful than I did a few years ago.I don’t want to break into anything more dangerous.If I find peace in Debrecen,I am very happy for it,if I have to accept it elsewhere.