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I’m with him as long as I stay, I give everything I have – he’s Waltner

Ferencvaros lost 2-1 to Zalaegerszeg in the 9th round of NB I football on the field. This is how the coaches were evaluated after the meeting.


Robert Waltner has responded to rumors of a coach change with a victory over the FTC after MTK (Photo: Miklós Szabó)

ZTE FC coach, Robert Waltner Of course he gave a happy speech at the press conference.

“It’s a great day for us. Playing against Freddy is always difficult. We are talking about one of the best teams in Hungary, who is also doing well at international level. I tried to prepare the players to consider this meeting as a gift so that they can play against a great team on such a wonderful stadium. They try to enjoy every second. We arrived without our hands because we want to win every game. He’s also had luck, which wasn’t the case in the last rounds, and now he is.”

He was also asked how important this success was to him in terms of news of a possible change of coach at Zalagerzeg.

“I just read about it in the press, but I didn’t change anything, I prepared the team the same way. I didn’t know what the future would hold, I was with him to give one hundred percent while I stayed. I also asked the players not to deal with this, only matches. We did really well against MTK, this victory gave us faith and we were more free to prepare to face Individual.”

In response to a question from Nemzeti Sport, he said about VAR: From the statements of his fellow intellectuals, György Bognár and Ferenc Horváth, he swallowed two capers instead of commenting.

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Robert Waltner press conference

Head coach of Ferencvaros, Peter Stoger He began by congratulating Zalaegerszeg.

“We were not consistent enough in defense in two or three positions either. Practically we had chances from the first moment, we had two or three goals, a penalty, we worked on good positions, we couldn’t finish it. There was also a little luck. The team did their best to win, we are a bit disappointed that he did not succeed.”

He revealed in response to a question from National Sports: They did not hold against Celtic at all, only resting a few players due to the burden of the national team.

Frank Polly was also mentioned, who was able to return to Ferencvaros’ start in this match.

“He was very motivated, and he really wanted to succeed, which is why I wished for him to score. What was expected of him, he did. He hasn’t trained with the team for a few weeks, but we discussed and clarified the situation. There are rules everyone must follow. He understood my decision and did not question it. I think everyone deserves a second chance, That’s why we brought it back, and now we’re moving forward together.”

Peter Stoger press release

Football Note I
Round 9

Ferencváros – Zalaegerszeg 1–2
Budapest, Groupama Arena, 8169 view. led: Farkas Á.
Gulzerzo: Vécsei (45.), resp. Serafimov (VII), Costa M. (twenty tow)

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