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Immunologist: It can also be a problem if more and more people are infected with the weak virus

We usually forget that we are not genetically the same, so our immune system is not the same. There are places where immune memory works better than others. The essence of vaccinations is to create a memory and a uniform level of protection – It is to explain In the ATV Start program, the expert.

The immunologist sees an overall decrease in the severity and spread of the epidemic, perhaps we can be confident that the epidemic will become less severe, but at the same time, due to the development of the virus, it will become more and more infectious.

This means that more and more people will get infections that cause the weaker disease, but as more and more people catch it in absolute numbers, more serious infections are likely to emerge as well. He added that the number of deaths is also conceivable to increase in absolute numbers.

The immunologist noted that one should not breathe in an omicron, one should only observe certain biological laws.

The villagers also talked about the improvement in vaccines because not only are viruses evolving, but the science is evolving as well. For example, Pfizer will soon develop an omicron-specific vaccine that is even better against this alternative. He stressed that the current vaccination is also good against Omicron, the odds of a previous vaccination having no effect at all are zero.

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