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Important change coming to YouTube and Google Drive

Google also modifies access to files stored there in many services, mainly for security reasons. As a result, some links become unusable – Writes the edge. Starting July 23, YouTube is different handles Videos set public but unlisted: This type of content uploaded prior to 2017 will be categorized as “private” and will only be viewable by the uploader or individually authorized people (up to 50 can be entered and assigned to them). ). They also need to have a Google account to view it).

These are videos that do not appear in the uploader and channel list, so YouTube will not recommend them to other Internet users. However, they can be viewed if someone sends a link to the video directly to the other party, or if they get the URL from somewhere. The change essentially limits the number of people who can view unlisted videos – but as mentioned above, this applies to videos uploaded before 2017.

A similar restriction will apply to Google Drive from September 13th. No one will be able to access files that were available to everyone until now for free, and you will only be able to view certain content with a Google account and with the permission of the uploader.

The search company will also send you an email notification of the changes.

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