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In a video clip, we present to you the strangest research ship in the world

Have you ever seen one of the strangest portable surveillance devices in the world? As if crashing into an angle in the water, a search boat called RP FLIP protrudes from the ocean.

The Reserach Platform Floating Instrument Platform (RP FLIP) was originally built in 1962 and has since served as a mobile station to monitor and test various ocean operations. Its initial goal was to search for sound waves under the sea, which would require them to be surprisingly stable. Jalopnik described it.

(Image: Twitter)

The boat FLIP is a boat with a length of 108 meters, and its bow can be filled with a water weight of 91 meters. When this happens, the ship rotates 90 ° and the 17-meter stern acts as a vertical surface above the water.

When you turn around, the FLIP is something like a buoy, mostly well below the surface of the water, which achieves maximum stability, allowing you to swim freely even without anchorage.

The car can be housed both vertically and horizontally, making it difficult to determine which role it plays on walls and floors, but even wash basins stand in two directions.

RP FLIP continues to operate under the auspices of the Scrib Institute today, outside the US Navy base in San Diego. The research vessel can study a variety of things, such as wave activity, sound signals, meteorological data, and the temperature and density of surrounding water. Since instrument reading can be affected by different drive methods, FLIP cannot travel on its own. It must be towed into open water by another vessel.

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