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In decline, they demand that the British government, Boris Johnson, resign

In the British government, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid resigned. Government members do not wish to continue working in Boris Johnson’s government on grounds of conscience. There is a serious crisis of government in Great Britain.

British ministers have submitted their resignations from key posts, presenting a growing political crisis and undermining Boris Johnson’s tenure as prime minister.

In addition, Johnson appointed his superior, David Fincher, who allegedly tried to harass his colleagues while drunk, and this brought him new negative points in British public opinion.

There are no things to be had under the skies of Great Britain

Sun has one Very nicely worded In his resignation letter, Johnson pointed out that the economic picture sold to the public was distorted and, to put it bluntly, a lie, and that this must be done away with.

With national inflation currently at 9.1 per cent, Scotland will secede, AgainAnd Northern Ireland’s economic ties to an international treaty are also causing problems for the government and particularly Boris Johnson.

In view of his feeble and unmotivated government, it cannot be expected that his own ministers will understand that he is no more. (This was during the covid restrictions under control
Referring to the parties close to the government, a newspaper in bold letters: “The party is over!” He captioned it.)- This was quoted in our newspaper earlier from the situation assessment of the Financial Times.

The author of the Financial Times article notes that one of the key reasons for the party leader’s failure was the lack of a viable successor to Johnson to lead the party and the country.

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However, with little success, he doesn’t have many options. He cannot bring tough cases to parliament without risking a vote, and while his allies say he will change his government, it is doubtful he can take serious action in this area. The government has already been criticized for being more effective in protecting the prime minister than professional administration.