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In March, a Russian governor spoke of Putin suffering from leukemia

An unnamed Russian oligarch spoke to a record in New Lines that Vladimir Putin was “extremely ill with castle cancer”. The recording took place in mid-March, during which the oligarch spoke with a Western venture capitalist about the health of the Russian president.

The person in the recording claims that Putin underwent surgery for leukemia shortly before the order to occupy Ukraine was issued. He also says the president is “crazy”. This is in line with what Kirillo Budanov, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said The head of the General Directorate of Intelligence told Sky NewsThis means that Putin is “in a very poor mental and physical condition and very ill.”

Then the oligarch speaks of deep dissatisfaction with the economic situation in Moscow and seems to explain the opinions of the other oligarchs when he says, “We all hope” that Putin will die. “It has completely destroyed the Russian economy, the Ukrainian economy, and many other economies,” he said. “The problem is in your head. A madman can turn the world upside down.”

President Vladimir Putin listens to the Governor of Ingushetia Mahmud Ali Kalimatov at their meeting on March 30 in the Kremlin.

Photo: Mikhail Klementiev/Sputnik via AFP

There has always been speculation about Putin’s health, he has been seen limping several times recently. In a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Sogo in April, Putin was in such a strange situation Sit on the edge of the tableThat this was also written at the expense of some serious cases. Medical experts say his puffy face could indicate he’s taking steroids, which are also used to treat cancer. And at last week’s Victory Day parade, the president was wrapped in a fleece blanket, raising even more questions.

New Lines also wrote that officers from the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s main security agency, were urged not to speculate on Putin’s health. Christo Grosev, a senior Russian journalist on the Bellingcat investigation team, said regional leaders have noticed that they are ignoring speculation that the president has only months left. “The instructions had the opposite effect: most of the FSB officers suddenly thought that Putin’s health was really dangerous,” Grosev told New Lines.

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