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In Russia, the epidemic is spreading nonstop, breaking the daily record of deaths

The number of Covid-19 deaths has risen to 168,846 in the country. The number of confirmed infections rose by 22,277 to 6,557,068. The nationwide daily increase was 0.34%, and 8.3% of the new cases had no symptoms. The number of active infected people increased by 539,864 and the number of those recovered increased by 19,368 to 584,8340.

But in Moscow, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin lifted restrictions on telecom companies and institutions to work remotely from 30 percent of their property, residents under 65 and people with chronic diseases to undergo local quarantine due to the improvement of the regional epidemic due to vaccinations.

The requirement to take body temperature of employees at workplaces in Moscow every four hours and at least 10 percent of the herd to be tested for Covid-19 every 15 days will also be abolished. According to Sobyanin’s blog on Friday, the number of patients treated in the capital’s hospitals has fallen by less than half compared to the second half of July, and the number of occupied beds for patients with the novel coronavirus has fallen to less than 7,000.

In Russia, more than 171.1 million laboratory tests have been carried out since the onset of the epidemic, and 511 thousand tests were carried out in the past day. 1,242,577 people are currently under medical observation for suspected coronavirus infection.

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