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In stores, an OLED model of the Nintendo Switch

The console’s premiere arrived today, too, with the wrinkled version of the Nintendo Switch, a device simply called the OLED model, hitting stores. Another issue is that it is not easy to obtain.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that an OLED prototype for the Nintendo Switch has hit stores today. The console costs $350 (usually 130,000 forints in Hungary), which means it’s the biggest switch predator at the moment – the Field Switch tastes $300 and the Switch Lite is $200. The bad news is that the new console isn’t easy to come by yet, we’ve checked out a few random stores at random, and inventory has been moved all over the place.

Although the Nintendo Switch ultimately didn’t bring any improvement in performance, it does promise some rejuvenation for gamers. More importantly, it comes with a 7-inch OLED panel for significantly better image quality, as well as longer runtime, stronger bend support, better speaker and an Ethernet base. In addition, the internal storage has doubled to 64 GB compared to the base model.

By the way, it was recently rumored again in the press that a more powerful variant of the Switch is already being made at Nintendo – this was eventually refuted by the company.

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