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In Subotica, another statue was presented of King Peter I of Serbia, who this time did not have a horse

Anyone who has been to Subotica lately can find out from the roadside signs that they have arrived at the City of Modern Art. This is not because of King Peter I. But nevertheless, his largest statue was erected, perhaps without a horse, but certainly on a granite foundation. – This is what we wrote last June 2 in our article “The Serbian Response to Trianon”. Under Peter I, the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia arose in 1918, and after the Trianon decision, the new state swept through Vojvodina and with it Subotica.

Infantry King

At its meeting at the end of May last year, the representative body of Subotica decided that Karoly Bero, the former mayor of Subotica and ex-Bishop Ivan Antonovich of Ponivac will also receive a statue in the city. It was already known that the largest statue belonged to Peter I, but unlike Novi Sad, Subotica would be a “little king” because they would not give in to horses.

The statue was completed in just over a year and was put into place on Tuesday afternoon on a granite foundation in front of the dilapidated building of Jadran Cinema.

The local Serbian press reported that King Peter I (Karajordeviks) was one of the “favorite Serbian rulers” and that his statue was erected Aroused great interest Among the people, a Hungarian affiliate news portal in Vojvodina Facebook profile However, he sarcastically remarked that “they were not hanged, they were called.”

According to, “Uncle Pera” (Zika Peru), i.e. Peter I, is the third in a row to receive the promised statue after the handover of the statue of former Bishop Ivan Antonovich last October, and in June of this year he received his own statue, Charles was also mayor.

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This statue was then unveiled by Istvan Pachtor, President of the Hungarian Assembly of Vojvodina, who thanked former Mayor Bogdan Laban for his support of his initiative to “sculpt” his truly great predecessor.

Laban was also a well-known mayor, and according to the Serbian press, he made use of his name in automated manufacturing, which we wrote here.

Vuči invented Peter I × 2

It is noteworthy at this time that the statue is 4.2 meters high and 1.3 tons – after all he was a great king – and the cost of erecting it is 21.4 million dinars, or about 70 million forints. The height of the granite base is 5.6 m. We have exhausted the available data on the parameters. has not been officially informed that the handover ceremony will be on November 30th. So it’s not certain yet, it definitely depends on when Aleksandar Vucic got it.

Not only because the Serbian president likes to hand over and take power + lay the foundations, but also because it is undoubtedly the Vuči project.

Statue of Peter I in Novi Sad and the galaxy

A statue of King Peter I was first erected in Novi Sad three years ago, so even in Vojvodina, the Serbian president himself attended a very emotional inauguration and told his country and the whole galaxy in his frantic speech that Vojvodina would never belong. Someone other than Serbia.

He supposedly didn’t mean Sweden or Equatorial Guinea, and he didn’t mean “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

In his speech, he referred to Vojvodina as, as usual, Kosovo, in Serbian national folklore, in stoning, only the names of the two regions were changed.

Vojvodina is Serbia, and Serbia is aware of Vojvodina, Serbia. We know that we are not the greatest, and we are not of the great, but we know that no one has succeeded in subjugating Serbia, nor those who are trying to do so today.

– said Alexander Vucic, who at that time already had “strong emerging” relations with Hungary, who did not hide the big idea that a statue of Peter I should be erected in Novi Sad.

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Before the statue was opened, Vucic apologized to King Peter I for not considering throwing his figure into a statue. What the Serbian president started in Novi Sad three years ago is likely to continue personally in Subotica, unless a Turkish, Russian or Chinese head of state joins his program.