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In summer, protection from light is especially important

Facial skin can be protected from strong sunlight by using various sunscreens and sunglasses with appropriate lenses. According to the experts interviewed, the focus is on moderation as well as defense, which is something worth starting now, even before the real summer heat arrives. High exposure to UV rays can damage DNA in both the eyes and the skin.

Not only the appearance of the facial skin, but also the health of the skin is of particular importance in such cases, so Eszter Tomasics has no changes. In the younger age group, cosmetologists focus primarily on prevention. The specialist advises that a facial treatment appropriate for your skin type is necessary in summer as well, but during these months you should opt for lighter gel creams.

In this case, moisturizing and rejuvenating treatments usually prevail. Those who come to me know that I have been smuggling this since the end of spring, when the sun first came out. It’s also important to pay attention to light protection because guests often come in with already existing blemishes and wrinkles. Unfortunately, it’s the harmful UV rays that cause them the most, said Esther Thomasix, Esther Cosmetics skincare expert.

Carefully selected sunglasses give the wearer privacy, according to Erika Sachalmy. The optical shop owner said that this year, white-framed pieces with bright lenses came out on top with chain accessories. The expert warns that it is recommended to buy sunglasses from a specialty store to filter out harmful UV rays.

The glasses can be worn at the beach or at the party. This really gives a perfect look, especially if we put a straw hat in our heads as well. Very fashionable now in larger shapes, the cat style has now been replaced by the big cat, the oversized one. The advantage of this is that it protects the eye area better, since the skin is very thin there. Melanomas can also occur in the eyes and this protects this thin surface of the skin — we learned from Erica Sashalmi, owner of Sashalmi Optics.

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We also learned from Erika Sashalmi that kids don’t need to wear sunglasses, a fried hood can be effective against the sun’s rays.


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