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In the new season, the stupid English will only kneel in prime time matches

In the new season, the stupid English will only kneel in prime time matches

The leaders of the teams interested in the Premier League have come together and made important decisions: they will continue to fight racism with their knees only in the city derby and evening matches at prime time. No more racism in the afternoon and less exciting matches.

The tabloid and the Daily Mail reported the highly satisfactory developments. Just watch half or a third of the matches with a bored face, as wealthy soccer players fight racism with massive gestures. Meanwhile, they educate the spectators – just as Southgate wanted the Hungarians, who in turn rolled four.

The reason for this unexpected development is none other than that some of the most intelligent footballers noticed that the noble kneeling no longer evoked a sense of sympathy from the spectators, but rather boredom. Maybe irritated by what you’re doing, you filthy? As they wrote, the gesture lost its significance, similar to what happened when Jimmy Folig lost his conviction. Only the latter did not work after him, and he did not reduce the number of kneelings. The Premier League leaders assured the players of their generous support that, as owners of white, they could have forced black players to perform more kneeling, as they somehow have to apologize for colonialism and other atrocities committed against people of color. empire for centuries. In the opening match, on Friday, Crystal Palace will host Arsenal, there may be stray kneeling, and it is not forbidden to meet kneeling trains. On the other hand, Bournemouth decided not to kneel during any match, which is shocking considering that as a port city they played a definite role in the slave trade. Or not, but it is surely inhabited by whites who are inherently sinful. On behalf of England, Southgate was quick to reassure fans with the quality of the kneeling that England would continue the tradition. As in summer, so in winter in Qatar, they will fall to the ground and bow their heads before their greatness.

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