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In the UK, the corona virus is already more prevalent among school children

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According to a study commissioned by the British government and conducted by Imperial College London, although the number of diseases has decreased since the school opened on March 8, the vulnerability among primary school children, especially those between the ages of 5 and 12, is the lowest among me. The latter is the result of a mass vaccination that began in January.

Children in the classroom of a school in Germany on February 21, 2021Photo: FRANK RUMPENHORST / dpa Image-Alliance

A BBC Professor Stephen Riley, one of the authors of the study, said he was pleased that the number did not rise with the opening of schools, although he said “there is every chance” that he would get more diseases.

Children have been tested three times a week since schools reopened and have to wear masks in classrooms.

Riley said the government and experts should keep track of the numbers as it gradually opens, adding that the faster and higher the rate of vaccine use, the less the number of diseases will increase.

Of the 66.6 million people in the UK, more than 5.6 million have already received the second dose of the vaccine, and 31.7 million have received the first dose. A further 45 deaths and 2,763 cases were reported in the country on Wednesday.

So far, 2.5 million people in Hungary have received the first dose of the vaccine, and one million of them have received the second dose, based on this immediately. The government has also begun to reopen. According to the Hungarian Medical Room Such rapid relaxation is not professionally justified, Reopening schools was not considered a good idea. Hungarian health care is currently under great pressure by corona virus patients being treated in hospital.

The English also waited three weeks after the over 60s were vaccinated because it was so long before some reactions in the body began to develop. Homeschooling and kindergarten are scheduled to reopen on April 19th. This could run the risk of infected students taking the virus home, but Gerzeli Gulis said They did not see serious danger at the start of school. We are not talking about tests. In the meantime The student movement beganSchools are not yet open on April 19th.

The independent Hungarian press had never done such hard work during epidemics.

The government does not allow journalists near health facilities and does not share the most basic information about the epidemic with the public. The public media and other propaganda channels are doing everything they can to cover up the real situation.

In 444 we can show how the epidemic is in Hungary and in the world, despite the obstacles in front of us.

Millions of people get information from our maps and infographics that provide accurate numbers and current trends.

Our epidemiological data page, which collects these, has in recent months accepted the role of public service media. By doing so, we not only inform our readers, but also help them stay healthy and keep their loved ones healthy.


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