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In this garden, the grass grows in a betana, but you also have to see the rest: 9 great ideas for a garden with concrete and stone slabs – Home

There is plenty of concrete surfaces in the yard, and most of the gardens are planted with grass. Although it looks really pretty this way, even separately, the two can be combined, and the end result will be really elegant, almost royal.

The point is that rich green grass gathers between the concrete slabs, so a beautiful square grid, specific shape, or other stunning pattern appears in a specific area of ​​the garden. Simple standard-sized cards can be used for the spell, but even elongated or shaped items can be used. It also looks great if leaves of a different nature or similar shape, but of different sizes, are laid on the same surface. If we move them a little relative to each other or rotate them, the overall effect is already more playful and we get another pattern. Finally, we must not forget that the grass mixture can be made not only with concrete, but also with stone slabs. In this case, the result will be more natural and will give the yard a completely different atmosphere.

9 Ideas: Amazing Garden Patterns

In the following photos we show great ideas as inspiration. Experts from DIY stores can also give advice on how to place them, but the result will be really great if you have an expert making a specific part of the garden.

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