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Increased controls began at the Austro-Hungarian border

According to Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nahammer, this is a reference to illegal immigrants not “even trying to come here” and “there is no point in paying thousands of euros to people-smugglers”.

During his visit to the Mannersdorf an der Rabnitz site in Burgenland during the day, Interior Minister Karl Nahammer spoke of this reference to illegal immigrants that “Don’t even try to come here“And”It makes no sense for smugglers to pay thousands of euros“.

According to the news agency, the Austrian Army (Bundesheer) battalion transferred from Klagenfurt has been operating since Monday, and the police and the Bundescher Coordination Center have also started work.

According to Niehmer, the European Commission is not doing the right thing with regard to immigration and emigration and is not providing support to Austria.

The European Commission is not working, so we need toNahamer said. He stressed that he does not consider the EU’s hesitation to be acceptable, and therefore will seek allies at the EU level.

According to the provincial police, 5,400 immigrants have been arrested in Burgenland this year so far. For comparison, in 2016, 6,500 such cases were recorded. The focus of increased border control is Upper Puglia in Burgenland (Oberbollendorf) and Neessider (Neusiedl). In addition to vehicles and drones equipped with thermal cameras, mobile phones and aerial surveillance are used on the Hungarian-Austrian border, among other things.

During the day, 28 asylum seekers were arrested in the Ketsei area, and a human smuggler was detained by the authorities.

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Austrian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that Chief of Staff Claudia Tanner has ordered the deployment of an additional 140 soldiers to the Austria-Hungary border. The wallet added that the quota could be increased to 400 if necessary.

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