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Increased damage while using VR glasses

Broken TV screens, smashed rooms, and smashed vases can indicate the path of accessory users.

A British insurance company called Aviva recorded a 31 percent increase in damage from wearing VR glasses last year, and a 68 percent increase in damage since 2016. Watchman mentioned.

The basic phenomenon is that if someone picks up and uses such an accessory but does not provide the required space, it can easily cause accidents and damage to property. Kelly Whittington, head of property compensation at Aviva, emphasized that as new games or hardware spreads, it will quickly reflect on the needs of its customers. Recently, similar trends have been observed in the emergence and spread of motion consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or fitness games.

In Britain, the situation has gotten worse recently because many British users received virtual glasses as a gift last Christmas. The first claims have already been received by the insurance companies, but further claims are expected. An Aviva customer clips the console to the TV when he’s afraid of a zombie in a game, and a kid throws various characters around him when he wants to make a move. Whittington explained that the devices can be a lot of fun but it will be important for people to pay attention to their environment and get the right insurance. Last year, the average damage caused by the use of VR glasses in the island nation was £650.