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Index – Abroad – A book has left traces of episodes lost for centuries

According to an ancient legend Once, nine bishops who vowed poverty lived in the monastery of Santo Estevo in Galicia. After their deaths, the healing power of their rings was reported, and for centuries thousands of pilgrims went to the monastery to learn about the supernatural power of the rings. However, over time, the episodes mysteriously lost their trace.

Diocese of Ourense to me The nine bishops were so respectful of their deeds in their lifetime that the monastery paid special attention to the preservation of their earthly remains.

Recently, restoration work was underway around the altar when an urn was found among the remains of the nine bishops. In one of the four sections of the jar lay a silk bag. And in the bag, four rings were found that were believed to have been lost.

The little bag didn’t just hide the rings. It contained pieces of stone and two documents, one of which we read:

These are the remaining four episodes of the Nine Saint Bishops. The others went.

Therese Martin, a medieval art historian, said that it was difficult to give a definitive answer to the question of whether this was the answer.

Whether or not the rings really belong to bishops.

If you answered yes or no, the story ends there. This, he added, is a paradoxical situation, because while science can determine a lot today, they can’t tell if the miracle rings really work. However, if we believe the rings did a miracle, a miracle will indeed happen. Science cannot provide a reasonable explanation for this.

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But the most surprising thing about the discovery of the episodes is that the episodes are found exactly where they can be read in the novel. This is Maria Oronia Four Winds Forest, This is it four winds Urdu In his novel, the protagonist searches exactly for the missing links of the nine bishops.

When Maria Oronia visited the monastery of Santo Estevo, she was amazed to see the whole mysterious story of the rings of bishops lying there at the feet of the people, but no one dealt with it.

The story waited for someone to finally dust it off and write what they eventually did themselves.

The writer said, oddly enough, that no one in the monastery had ever dealt with the ring of nine bishops, despite the fact that for centuries thousands of people had made pilgrimages there to seek help from miracle workshops to cure their illness. According to Uronia, serious research succeeded in laying the original historical foundations for the novel. Although no one immediately believed in the legend, the fact that they found the rings still contributes to the credibility of his work.

Strangely enough, I didn’t know about the legend of the Nine Rings at all before. Maria told me the story first. All I knew was that the nine bishops performed mystical miracles, but I didn’t know the whole story before

said restorer Vanya Lopez.

The protagonist of the author’s novel, John Baker, a detective in art history, reveals the secret and legendary episodes in the book came to light.

It was only three months between the publication of the novel and the discovery of the episodes.

(Cover Image: A NAn episode at the Monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Cel on July 29, 2021. Photo: Rosa Vega/Europe Press/Getty Images)