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Index – Abroad – A well-known journalist in the Netherlands was shot in the head

The well-known Dutch criminal journalist was the target of an armed assassination Tuesday in the center of Amsterdam, local police said. Peter R. suffered. De Vries suffered a serious head injury and was taken to hospital. He received a total of five shots when a fire broke out at about 8:30 p.m. in a street near downtown Leidsplein, Lange Leidsduerstraat. The 64-year-old journalist, who had just left a TV studio, made an appearance on a live show not long ago.

The background to what happened remains a mystery, with three people arrested in the case, one of whom is the alleged killer.

Peter de Vries is one of the leading criminal correspondents in the Netherlands and regularly participates in advisory proceedings in criminal proceedings and as an expert and commentator on television programmes. He is known to have good connections both in the justice system and in the underworld, yet he has already received threatening letters in connection with several crimes. He is known for his fact-finding work, which he did after Freddy Heineken’s kidnapping in 1983, and he also won an Emmy in 2008 for his show about the disappearance of a teen named Natalie Holloway.

For all of us, he is a national hero, a rare and brave journalist who tirelessly pursued the truth.

Amsterdam Mayor Vimke Halsema said at a press conference regarding the assassination, adding that Peter de Vries is now fighting for his life.

Peter de Vries is currently involved in a large-scale criminal case as a consultant for the coroner. The case is related to organized crime. The former defender of the Shahid Crown was shot dead in September 2019, also on the streets of Amsterdam.

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