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Index – Abroad – According to North Koreans, thanks to Kim Jong-un, the epidemic is over in the country

In North Korea, the coronavirus epidemic appears to be over; Locals say this is due to Kim Jong-un, who leads the communist country. The country announced that no cases of fever were recorded in the past day M1 أخبار News Station.

According to North Korean state television, North Korea has managed to defeat the coronavirus and has passed the most difficult period. According to official data, more than 4 million people have contracted the disease in the country of 26 million since the outbreak of the epidemic in May.

99.99 percent of patients have fully recovered, and so far only 74 have died from complications from the virus, according to a report by North Korea’s government statistics office.

Foreign experts doubt these calculations, believing that the results are symbolic: Kim Jong-un They are trying to prove the greatness of the North Korean leader, who, unlike the leaders of other countries, managed to curb the spread of the epidemic in record time.

However, the number of cases in Europe is showing an upward trend. newly GermanyAnd the Cyprus And the the black Mountain He also decided that due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, the use of masks would soon be mandatory again. In Italy The rule to wear mandatory masks on public transport has been extended until September. Next to in Israel The number of patients in the sixth wave of the coronavirus epidemic is also increasing.

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