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Index – Abroad – Australia is not interested in climate change, as new coal mines are opening

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be held in November. Many worry that in tackling pollution, Australia will be the country that will vehemently oppose proposals emerging there and be the least convincing in reducing carbon emissions.

Under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, countries must work to prevent a critical increase in average global temperatures and limit the use of fossil fuels. Researchers also warned in the run-up to the climate change conference about the consequences of failing to resolve the climate crisis.

On the other hand, the Australian government does not care about these problems. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison effectively admitted last Thursday that they had tried to pressure the United Kingdom, which is hosting the conference, to

Presenting several proposals that will be discussed and that may negatively affect it.

It is also worth noting that it was the Australian Prime Minister who brought a lump of coal to Parliament in 2017 and mocked those who feared the energy company’s environmental impact.

A British official indicated that they did not accept the Australian proposal and warned them that they should take the crisis more seriously.

Meanwhile, a UN official warned last Monday that if Australia did not respond to the environmental crisis, sooner or later its economy would be in jeopardy. In response, Keith Peet, Australia’s Minister of Natural Resources, said the UN was just a foreign organization that should do its own business.

Meanwhile, the minister also stressed that Australia plans to extract and use large amounts of coal even after 2030 – while the rest of the developed world is already planning to push fossil fuels into the background due to their environmental impact.

Among the developed countries, Australia stands out as the lowest in terms of climate targets. It seems clear that they will practically withdraw from the discussion

. said to CNN Bas Ecot, Dutch Green MEP. He added that under the presidency of Donald Trump, Australians were in a comfortable position because the United States was the biggest opponent of climate steel, but now Australians are on their own – at least as far as Western countries are concerned.

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Another MEP may call for a slightly tougher stance on Australia. More pressure should be put on countries like Australia and German People’s Party Peter Lisi, who has promised to raise this in the European Parliament as well.

The behavior of Australians is surprising in the sense that scientists say they live in exactly the country most affected by this problem. In Australia, more than average temperatures have been shattered in recent years, as evidenced by the growing number of fires in the country, and sea levels have risen dramatically.

At the same time, the Australian state has about $53 billion annually in coal export revenue, making it the world’s second largest coal exporter after Indonesia. According to a survey, the majority of Australians are now in favor of reducing carbon emissions, but the government is still holding out on doing so and they will not only continue to produce and use coal, but open more and more coal mines.

(Cover image: A scrub fire in Australia on February 2, 2021. Source: Paul Keane/Getty Images)