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Index – Abroad – BBC reporter expelled from Belarus over questions to provocation of Belarusian president

The BBC Moscow correspondent’s accreditation will not be extended by the Russian authorities. The BBC said Sarah Rainford will leave Russia later this month.

In the Russian state media, the journalist’s expulsion from the country was explained by the fact that the British did not give the state-sponsored journalists of Russia Today and Sputnik a work permit, so they could not attend international events in the UK.

What should come as no surprise to the BBC, Russian Foreign Affairs had earlier indicated that appropriate action would be taken over the “visa-related persecution of Russian journalists”.

Rainford, who is fluent in Russian and has previously worked in Havana, Istanbul and Madrid, has reported on a number of reports in Russia in recent years, including a military base in the Russian Arctic and most recently the Moscow-funded Belarusian president. Order, Alexander Lukashenko.

Raisenford asked the president of Belarus last week what he thought of the United Kingdom’s announcement of more economic sanctions against Belarus.

Lift your sanctions there in the UK! We didn’t know what it was a thousand years agoz United KingdomAnd we don’t want to know anymore. You are American dogs!

Lukashenko responded with the usual sensitivity.

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